Enhancing Security: CCTV in Singapore’s Urban Landscape

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One Stop Office Solution aims to be the leading security system expert that corporations and high net worth individuals depend on for asset and family protection. We provide quality security solutions, particularly, CCTV in Singapore to enhance the safety and security within our clients’ premises. Discover more about our company today.

Certifications and Trust Badges: Our Commitment to Credibility and Trust

At One Stop Office Solution, we prioritise credibility and trust. That’s why we proudly display our certifications and trust badges. These credentials serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence, industry standards, and customer satisfaction. When you choose us, you can be confident that our CCTV solutions in Singapore are backed by reputable certifications and trust badges, ensuring reliable and high-quality security systems.

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Enhancing Safety and Security with CCTV in Singapore

One Stop Office Solution is a renowned security and surveillance company in Singapore, offering a wide range of cutting-edge CCTV systems. Our expertise includes the installation and maintenance of high-quality CCTV cameras, DVR systems, and spy cameras. We also specialise in pin/card/biometric door access systems, security alarm systems, and professional PABX installations. With a proven track record, we have gained the trust of esteemed government agencies and established multinational corporations as our valued clients. Choose us as your one-stop solution for CCTV in Singapore, ensuring enhanced safety and security for your premises.

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One Stop Office Solution work with SMEs, Enterprises and non profit organizations. We love to provide CCTV Solution.

One Stop Office Solution specializes in CCTV cameras, DVR systems, spy cameras, pin / card / biometric door access systems, security alarm systems, PABX installation for cooperate clients and homeowners. Many of the esteemed government agencies and established MNCs trust us when it comes to CCTV in Singapore.

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More Like a Partner than a Vendor

We are obsessed with your success. We see ourselves more like a partner in your business than just a vendor.

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What can you expect from One Stop Office Solution ?

One Stop Office Solution will work with you on CCTV Surveillance and continue to provide technical support. As a business partner and experts when it comes to CCTV, we would like to grow with you and help you to save cost.

How we can Help You?

Being one of the most reliable solution providers for CCTV in Singapore, One Stop Office Solution offer you good CCTV cameras, solutions and customer support, that will help to achieve save cost by installing the cameras at best suitable positions to maximize the surveillance coverage.

To make this possible, One Stop Office Solution strive to improve the efficient and effective operation through remote monitoring from any where and any place without personally travel to your office

Why do you need CCTV security

CCTV in Singapore is considered to be one of the most effective solutions among the modern security measures in the market today. The mere sight of the CCTV system is a threat to burglars and trespassers. Studies show that a house with CCTV cameras installed near the front door is less likely to be robbed due to robbers’ cautiousness about being caught on the camera. For this reason, one can see why there is a need for CCTV security systems to be installed in one’s property.

Why Choose One Stop Office Solution?

One Stop Office Solution offers a wide range of office supplies and IT products that can make your home and workplace a better place to stay in. One of such solutions is our CCTV in Singapore. We offer CCTV systems as a form of modern security measures for homes and offices. With our line of CCTV cameras, you will be able to find the best fit when it comes to your requirements and budget. This solution is further backed by our excellent customer support.

To Monitor The Elderly/ Children

Safeguard your home from Burglary

Enhance your security with cutting-edge CCTV in Singapore! Contact us now for a consultation on surveillance systems and take control of your safety.

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About Us

One Stop Office Solution specializes in CCTV cameras, DVR systems, spy cameras, pin / card / biometric door access systems, security alarm systems, PABX installation for corporate clients and home users in need of CCTV in Singapore.


One Stop Office Solution aims to be the leading security system expert that corporations and high net worth individuals depend on for asset and family protection.

Residential Property Owners in Singapore Seeking Enhanced Security with CCTV Systems

Are you a residential property owner in Singapore looking to bolster the security of your home? With our state-of-the-art CCTV systems, specifically designed for CCTV in Singapore, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is under constant surveillance. 

Small Business Owners in Singapore Seeking Effective Surveillance Solutions

Attention small business owners in Singapore! Enhance the security of your premises with our cutting-edge CCTV systems tailored for CCTV in Singapore. Whether you run a retail store, office, or restaurant, our CCTV solutions offer comprehensive coverage and real-time monitoring to safeguard your assets and ensure a safe working environment. 

Educational Institutions in Singapore Seeking Reliable CCTV Solutions for Campus Security

For school administrators and educational institutions in Singapore: Security is paramount in maintaining a safe learning environment. Our CCTV systems, specially designed for CCTV in Singapore, offer advanced surveillance features to help you protect your students, staff, and property. 

Retail Store Managers in Singapore Seeking Loss Prevention and Surveillance Solutions

Retail store managers in Singapore, are you concerned about shoplifting, employee theft, or other security issues impacting your bottom line? Our CCTV systems, optimised for CCTV in Singapore, provide the ideal solution for loss prevention and surveillance in retail environments. 

Construction Companies in Singapore Seeking Site Security Solutions with CCTV

Calling all construction companies based in Singapore! Construction sites are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. Protect your valuable equipment, materials, and ensure the safety of your workforce with our robust CCTV solutions built for CCTV in Singapore. 

Hospitality Industry Professionals in Singapore Seeking Enhanced Guest Safety with CCTV Systems

Are you a hotel manager or hospitality professional in Singapore committed to providing a safe and secure experience for your guests? Our CCTV systems offer an effective solution to monitor public areas, entrances, and common spaces. 

What do we offer?

Experience unparalleled security with advanced CCTV in Singapore, available exclusively at One Stop Solution. Our comprehensive range of video cameras and alarm systems ensures utmost safety and peace of mind. Explore our shop today to discover top-of-the-line products or contact our experts for personalised recommendations. Trust One Stop Solution to take your security to the next level with state-of-the-art CCTV in Singapore.



different kinds of cctv surveillance company

Our CCTV camera solution enables the users to see what the CCTV cameras see LIVE over the Internet on various types of PC (Windows & Mac) and phones (iPhone, iPad, Android phones), and to record the CCTV camera video digitally for surveillance purpose.


fingerprint biometric cctv surveillance company

One Stop Office Solution (Singapore access control specialist) offers reliable electronic pin keypad door access, proximity card access, fingerprint biometric or face recognition access control solutions.


Intrusion Alarm cctv singapore

We provide and install Smart Security Alarm Systems for offices, schools, retail outlets, factories or homes. Both wired & wireless security alarm systems are available from us.

Security Advisory

Security Advisory cctv surveillance company

CCTV Surveillance & Security areas are our specialty. We can help your organization save money by ensuring that the surveillance & security systems installed meet your requirement at the most cost effective way.

Security Courses

Security Courses cctv installation singapore

Attend this workshop to understand the latest CCTV technologies, avoid pitfalls that will make you regret your purchase later, future proof your CCTV and maximise your CCTV return on investement.

Guard Tour

Guard Tour

One Stop Office Solution (Singapore guard tour system specialist) offers reliable guard tour / patrol tour monitoring systems for companies, government agencies, shopping malls, factories, and warehouses.

Video Intercom

Video Intercom cctv surveillance singapore

One Stop Office Solution (Singapore audio video intercom specialist) offers reliable basic audio only door intercom, to the more advanced color video intercom solution.


SME/SMB PABX cctv singapore

For voice conversation – your telephone system is an integral part of your organization and is your main tool of communication. It is your primary link to your business partners, customers, suppliers, employees, colleagues, friends, and even family members.

Covert System

Covert System cctv surveillance singapore

We provide best-of-breed spy camera products in our solution offerings to our clients.

Supply and installation of Card/Pin Door Access, Fingerprint or Face Recognition Biometric Access system suitable for Singapore offices, schools and factories.

One Stop Office Solution provide supply and installation of Wired or Wireless Security Alarm system suitable for Singapore offices, buildings, factories, warehouses and homes.

wired/wireless cctv surveillance singapore

One Stop Office Solution provide supply and installation of reliable CCTV surveillance camera solutions (wired or wireless) for Singapore office, factory, retail outlet, home, warehouse, restaurant, condo, shopping mall, hotel, cleanroom, including indoor, outdoor, day, night cctv cameras, portable mobile CCTV camera system, wireless spycam, spycam clock, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cctv cameras, digital video recorder (DVR) and anti-car vandal cctv camera recorder.

Our CCTV solutions in Singapore enable the users to see what the cctv cameras see LIVE over the Internet on various types of PC (Windows & Mac) and phones (iPhone, iPad, Android phones), and to record the cctv camera video digitally for surveillance purpose.

Contact One Stop Office Solution for your CCTV surveillance needs in Singapore today.


One Stop Office Solution provide supply & installation of PABX system suitable for Singapore SME / SMB. IP PBX model supports CO or ISDN incoming trunk, and IP phone extensions. Basic analog PABX models include 3 CO lines and 8 extensions, or 4 CO lines and 16 extensions.

One Stop Office Solution provide supply & installation of Audio and Video Intercom system suitable for Singapore warehouses, offices, factories, shopping malls and residential homes.

Sign up for this cloud-based video conferencing system with ZERO upfront hardware cost or maintenance cost. Just pay a low monthly fee for unlimited conference minutes with your partners / employees all over the world in you own virtual meeting room.

Supply & installation of Guard Tour / Guard Patrol system suitable for Singapore factories, warehouses, offices, buildings and shopping malls.

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Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

For our corporate clients, we also offer the following consultancy services :

Enhancing Security: Cutting-Edge CCTV Surveillance Consultancy

Looking to implement CCTV in Singapore? Our services cover your CCTV and security needs, from requirement identification to drafting technical specifications, vendor briefings, and comprehensive project management. Trust us to ensure a seamless CCTV project completion by the awarded vendor, specifically tailored for Singapore’s unique requirements.

Customization of Security Systems

We have the technical capability to customize various security solutions such as mobile CCTV to meet your requirement. Cost of customization is dependent on complexity of the project, and minimum investment starts from S$1,000 onwards.
Past customized projects include Mobile CCTV system, outdoor battery operated spy CCCTV camera surveillance system, etc.

For any enquiry, please contact us so that we can work together to address your needs.

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The technician was on time and did a great job for my IP camera.

Will recommend this to anyone.

Sharon L., Roosa

They have the best security service out there. Be detailed, specific, and honest during the sharing with us the tailored plan that is suitable for environment. Provided useful, constructive feedback as well. Will strongly recommend this company on their services.

Han K., Ramkas Intelligence
Thank for the prompt service to replace my existing DVR and Cameras. Video footage now is more sharper than before. The workers are professional. Can see they were skillful and capable of working independently and get the replacement job done correctly and nicely at the shortest possible time. Highly recommend.
Abott T. , Exta Freight

I’ve been using CCTV for a few years now and it is the IP system I have ever used. It’s easy to use, has a great design, and the company is always quick to respond to any questions or issues.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a CCTV that is easy to maintain and user-friendly in Singapore.

Steven Y., JK Stainless Steel

Various choices of cameras and door access system to choose from. Friendly, patient and helpful staff. No fuss transaction. Already recommend to my pals and buddies.

Rainee, Fab Fashion

I’ve been using CCTV for about 2 months and I love it. The interface is easy to use and the app is user friendly. It’s also affordable and offers a lot of features that other products in this category do not offer. CCTV makes our company look good and managed!

Jeanie A., Multipli Marketing Agency

“CCTVs are amazing for recording things you don’t want to miss. They are easy to set up and are perfect for checking what’s going on during the day without any hassle. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality surveillance system.”

Barnebas J., Zeb Union Ltd

Went to their showroom first time, as thought having a crash course on cctv and dvr for our new house. Left an unforgettable impression with technical engineer. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Smooth service. Price is reasonable.

Divyansh, Rana

Installed fingerprint door access. Nicely installed. Technicians are on time.

Anne Gan, Anne Gan

Engaged to install door access for my small office. The installation was done nicely and training was provided on how operate the device. Simple device with simple function, just as what’s needed. No gimmick. Dealt with Sue who is very professional and prompt in replies. Definitely recommended!

Casey Lau, Lau

Very good customer service. Their technical support team has strong background in the area of IT networking, which assisted to setup cloud printing and attendance software solution. Highly recommended.

Kok Wah Tan, Tan

Sales staff Sue was patience in explaining the functionality and different type of door access system. Her response was prompt.

As I am always sensitive to dust, when his technician aware of it. He tried to reduce the dust flying around while he was drilling, by using his customised dust catchment holder. I am really appreciate his kind attitude and thankful for his professional work.

Angel Lim, Angel
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One Stop Office Solution aims to be the leading security system expert that corporations and high net worth individuals depend on for asset and family protection.

Enhance your security with cutting-edge CCTV in Singapore! Safeguard your premises and gain peace of mind by partnering with our trusted surveillance company.

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