A Cost Guide On CCTV Installation in Singapore

CCTV Surveillance Camera

CCTV surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. More and more people find the need to install them in an effort to protect their homes and to keep tabs on their valuables and loved ones. You can also opt to install a CCTV camera facing your main door to see who visits your unit while you are not home, or catch possible miscreants in the act.

Before you schedule a CCTV installation, you should be aware that there are regulations around using CCTV in HDB blocks in ways that capture common areas or violate the rights of your neighbours. Considering a CCTV surveillance system for your home? Here’s how much it costs to install one in Singapore.

Cost of CCTV Installation For HDB Flats In Singapore

HDB flat CCTV installation packages can range in cost from several hundred dollars to nearly one and a half thousand dollars, and there are many factors that determine your CCTV package cost.

CCTV Installation package in Singapore

Amount of cameras and points of installation

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The more cameras you need, the higher the cost. Not only will you need to pay for each additional camera, but every camera needs to have its own installation point – due to the need to monitor different areas of the house. Depending on the camera model and the setup of your existing power cables, installation may require some cable work. 

The type of camera 

A wide range of CCTV cameras is available on the market today, each with different features and costs. Cameras with higher resolution generally cost more. The higher the resolution of the camera, the more clear and sharp the recording, making it easier to detect and identify small details. There are also cameras with a range of sophisticated features, including night vision, motion detection, audio recording, and self-contained storage. CCTV cameras will typically be more expensive when they offer more advanced features. 

Some people opt for dummy cameras that resemble CCTVs, but they are incapable of recording or monitoring any activities. These dummy cameras are intended to serve only as a scare tactic, which may not be sufficient in your case.

Recording device

For CCTV cameras to function as surveillance devices, they need to be linked up to recording devices. With digital hard drives or DVD drives, these devices store images captured by a CCTV network’s cameras, which may be accessed and reviewed at a later time. It is also possible to duplicate key footage that can be used as evidence when necessary.

Today, most CCTV surveillance systems have the capability of storing a few days’ worth of footage. However, CCTV footage is space-consuming, and higher resolution will result in larger files, limiting the capacity to capture footage. Recording devices with a higher storage capacity are more expensive, but will allow you to store longer periods of surveillance footage. 

Some CCTV cameras may come with internal storage via an SD memory card, thereby eliminating the need for an external recording system. On the downside, if you fail to replace your card when it becomes full, you won’t be able to record any more footage.

Additional costs (warranties, transportation, special installation fees)

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Extended warranties are provided by some vendors for an additional fee. With One Stop Office Solution, you can rest assured knowing that we are transparent when it comes to our pricing of CCTV installation from the get-go.

A Cost Guide On CCTV Installation in Singapore

CCTV surveillance systems in Singapore vary in functionality and price. Depending on what you require for your home, you are bound to find something that fits the bill. Not sure where to begin looking for one? Speak to our experts from One Stop Office Solution (OSOS), a reputable CCTV Surveillance Company in Singapore, and we can lend a hand in helping you get the right surveillance system for your home. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

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