All You Need To Know About Exterior CCTV Cameras

outdoor CCTV camera in singapore

Singapore may be one of the top ten safest countries in the world to live in, but that does not mean we should be lulled into a false sense of security. The last thing we want to hear as a homeowner or an entrepreneur is the news that our properties have been broken into by criminals.

The best way to prevent such incidents from occurring is to ensure your property is equipped with a robust CCTV system. And exterior CCTV cameras, in particular, should be a crucial component of your security system. This is because a high-quality camera can provide you with a clear view of the surroundings, which is critical for home and business safety.

However, given the extensive selection of outdoor CCTV cameras available in Singapore, you might be wondering which is the best option to safeguard your property. To save you the hassle of doing your research, we have compiled everything you need to know about exterior security cameras so that you can make an informed purchase.

The different types of exterior CCTV cameras

The common types of exterior CCTV cameras include infrared bullet cameras, dome cameras, and Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) security cameras. Choosing the most suitable security cameras for your surveillance needs will depend on your budget, the property design, and the camera installation points.

Infrared bullet cameras

outdoor infrared bullet CCTV camera in singapore

Infrared bullet cameras are one of the most popular surveillance devices utilised by businesses and homeowners to safeguard their properties. Not only are these cameras easy to install – they can be easily mounted on fences, ceilings, and various other places – but they also grant users the ability to survey their surroundings in low light or dark conditions. 

Dome cameras

outdoor CCTV dome camera in singapore

If you require a small and discreet CCTV system to monitor a large space, a drone camera may be exactly what you are looking for! These cameras feature wide-angle lenses that offer a panoramic view of your exterior surroundings.

We advise opting for a higher resolution model for large commercial and residential premises, as they are better suited for long-range viewing. Make sure to check if your cameras feature infrared night vision so that you can get a clear view of your property even in low-light conditions. 

PTZ cameras

outdoor security CCTV camera in singapore

Pan-tilt-zoom security cameras are generally the more expensive surveillance options on the market. However, the multitude of features they provide makes them a worthy investment for those looking for a wider range of coverage.

As their name implies, you can rotate, tilt, or zoom these CCTV cameras to survey your property. Due to their versatile nature, PTZ cameras are often a cost-effective solution for many entrepreneurs. A single device can replace multiple analogue cameras, alleviating the costs of installing and maintaining numerous surveillance devices. You can even control your PTZ cameras remotely via your smartphone, tablet, or computer to monitor what is happening in and around your property.

Why you should install exterior CCTV cameras

Many entrepreneurs and homeowners neglect to install outdoor cameras. Instead, they often prioritise what is happening inside their property. However, if safety is your number one priority, an exterior camera is a must-have.

Outdoor CCTV cameras are as much a deterrence to would-be trespassers as they are a tool to monitor your surroundings. They can provide you with an outside view of your property and access to areas your indoor cameras cannot reach. Having these devices installed at strategic points can help you detect intruders before they step foot into your building, preventing any property damage.

Additionally, exterior cameras are typically built to be sturdy to withstand the elements, so you can rest assured that your outdoor surveillance devices will remain in working condition for a long time regardless of where you installed them.

If you have yet to install exterior CCTV cameras in and around your residential or commercial property, it is advisable to rectify this issue as soon as possible. These surveillance devices can grant you peace of mind and ensure your property, family, and employees are well-protected.

At One Stop Office Solution, we are the leading providers of security cameras for business and residential properties. We also provide CCTV installation services in Singapore for corporate and home users. Do not hesitate to contact us today for all your security needs!

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