5 Features Every Advanced Security Camera Should Have

5 Features Every Advanced Security Camera Should Have

If you are looking to safeguard your property and your loved ones, you would want the best CCTV surveillance cameras you can find in Singapore. However, what constitutes an advanced security camera? Naturally, the high-end products will be more expensive, but the price is not the only factor to consider. So as you begin your search for your ideal cameras, let us share the features a high-end CCTV should have.

Feature #1: Infrared night vision

CCTV Singapore Infrared night vision

Place yourself in the shoes of a thief. Would you prefer to steal under broad daylight with possible witnesses around to report the crime or opt for the cover of night to commit a felony? The answer is obviously the latter. As such, you need to ensure your advanced CCTV surveillance cameras have infrared night vision capability.

This feature is especially crucial for outdoor security cameras, as it allows them to detect any suspicious activity in low light conditions or total darkness. You can rest easy knowing that you can capture video footage of your property at any time of the day.

Feature #2: Impressive clarity and detail

Infrared night vision may allow your CCTV cameras to see in the dark, but it does not guarantee you can capture crystal clear video footage. Without a suitable lens, you cannot zoom in to see objects at a distance with impressive clarity and definition, which can make it challenging to identify an intruder.

If you want a camera that provides sharp images so that it is easier to detect faces and objects without any issues, you need a CCTV with a high-resolution lens. Fortunately, most high-end security cameras contain advanced lenses that can capture light more effectively. They can also capture crystal clear videos with a definition of 1080p. Some even offer resolutions of up to 4K!

Feature #3: Remote monitoring

CCTV Singapore Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the most popular features of today’s CCTV cameras.

And it is easy to see why! Having the convenience to monitor your loved ones or pets from your smartphone, tablet, or computer while you are away from home can provide you peace of mind.

Most high-end security cameras possess this convenient feature. All you require is a high-speed internet connection, and you can view a live feed of your property anywhere and at any time. Some advanced CCTV surveillance systems even allow you to control the pan/tilt/zoom functions of your cameras remotely.

Feature #4: Power over Ethernet (PoE)

A CCTV camera generally requires two connections to be made when it is installed. One connection supplies the power it needs to operate, while the other allows the device to communicate with the video recording and display equipment. However, there are several drawbacks to this since you require a power outlet nearby to install the camera. If a crucial area lacks this resource, you cannot install your device, thereby compromising the security of your property.

Fortunately, this issue is no longer a concern with PoE technology – which is the gold standard for high-end CCTV cameras. With PoE cameras at your disposal, you only need to connect an Ethernet cable to the devices, and they are good to go. This feature allows you to place your cameras strategically around your property without worrying about the need to have a power outlet nearby. Do note that PoE cameras only function when using a PoE network switch. So do keep this in mind if you plan on installing PoE cameras on your property.

Feature #5: Smart recording and playback

CCTV Singapore Smart recording and playback

Are you always running out of storage space for your security footage? Do you find it a hassle to comb through hours of footage to identify the few seconds you require? If you answer yes to either question, you should consider getting high-end CCTV cameras with smart recording and playback features.

By integrating these devices into a commercial-grade network video recorder, you can enjoy features like motion detection, which allows you to begin recording whenever your security system detects a motion or sound within your property. This way, you save power and storage space by only recording the necessary footage. The playback feature then allows you to view recordings of interest while skipping over inconsequential footage.

Now that you have a better understanding of the must-have features a high-end security camera should possess, it is time to begin your search. And you can start with One Stop Office Solution! We are one of the leading CCTV surveillance companies in Singapore, having worked with various esteemed government agencies and established MNCs. Our team is committed to providing high-quality security cameras that fit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our products.

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