Common Misconceptions About Home CCTV Installation

Common Misconceptions About Home CCTV Installation

Are you looking to safeguard your family and home? If the answer is yes, you will probably receive advice to install CCTV cameras in your house. And there is no denying that these devices are an effective measure to deter criminals. But perhaps certain information has given you pause?

If you are wondering whether the stuff you read or heard about CCTV cameras is true, fret not! Given our years of experience in the industry, we have also come across our fair share of misconceptions about CCTV cameras. Let us share some of the common myths and debunk them. By doing so, we hope you will understand the importance of having a home CCTV installation.

Myth #1: CCTV cameras can be installed by anyone

CCTV cameras in Singapore can be installed by anyone

Specific brands may tout their CCTV models as easy to install. However, this does not mean any layman can simply install these cameras in their homes, even if they possess knowledge of this equipment.

Under the Private Security Industry Act, a person must hold a valid Security Service Provider license to install a CCTV in Singapore. Even if you purchase your device online, you still need to hire a licensed professional to install the camera for you.

Myth #2: CCTV cameras are expensive investments

CCTV cameras in Singapore are expensive investments

CCTV cameras are generally prevalent in commercial buildings or the residential properties of the rich and famous. Perhaps this is why some have the misconception that buying and installing CCTV cameras in a home is an expensive endeavour. However, the cost of a CCTV camera depends on various factors. Image resolution, packaging (whether it is a metal or plastic housing), branding, and application features can all determine the price of a security camera. 

In general, the price for a typical 2 Mega Pixel or 1080P resolution CCTV camera is very affordable for the majority of homeowners in Singapore. And given the number of products available on the market, you can easily find a device that matches your needs and budget.

Myth #3: Home CCTV installations are a waste of time

Home CCTV installations in Singapore are a waste of time

Singapore has a reputation as one of the safest cities in the world, with consistently low crime statistics. As a result, some may view home CCTV installations as a waste of time and resources. However, to quote our nation’s famous safety campaign, “low crime does not mean no crime”. You never know when an intruder may break into your home. When this happens, these devices will come in handy in identifying and apprehending the perpetrator.

Myth #4: CCTV cameras can only be used as a security measure

CCTV cameras in Singapore can only be used as a security measure

Just because CCTV cameras are often touted as an effective security measure does not mean they can only be used to deter crime. In fact, these devices have various uses. Do you have an elderly parent at home? Or perhaps you own a pet? If you answer yes to either or both questions, having a CCTV surveillance system at home can provide you with peace of mind.

Most CCTV systems allow you to link a mobile device to the security equipment, granting you convenient access to view any activity at home through your smartphone or tablet. This way, you no longer have to worry about running a quick errand and leaving your loved ones or furry companion at home unattended. You can check up on them with a tap of your mobile device.

It is easy for misconceptions to gain traction and mislead people. Therefore, we hope that what we have shared has allowed you to discern facts from misinformation. If your mind is made up, you should check out our legal guide to installing CCTV cameras in your home to avoid running afoul of the security regulations in Singapore. Additionally, do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your home security needs.

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