Not Upgrading Your CCTV System: What Are The Hidden Costs?

Not Upgrading Your CCTV System What Are The Hidden Costs

CCTV surveillance systems play a crucial role in maintaining security in various settings. But, like computers and servers, they must be upgraded regularly too! Nevertheless, some business owners in Singapore mistakenly believe that owning a CCTV system is enough of a deterrence against crimes and do not bother upgrading their cameras in a bid to lower costs. However, such inactions can result in hidden costs that go beyond the initial investment, as we will explore further in this article.

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1. More regular downtime

More regular downtime-CCTV system

Like any electronic device, the older your CCTV system gets, the more likely it will fail or experience outages. These occasional outages can quickly add up, hampering the security of your company. When cameras are not operational, security vulnerabilities increase, leaving your property and employees at risk.

There is also the issue with regular maintenance. Upkeeping older systems can become a problem, as the technician may not have the correct components on hand to perform timely repairs. As a result, your service and maintenance time will be delayed, causing you to lose more coverage time as you wait for the part to be available.

Upgrading your CCTV cameras ensures access to the latest technologies and features, offering improved reliability, better performances, and advanced diagnostic tools to identify and resolve issues efficiently, thus minimising interruptions in surveillance coverage. Even if your system encounters a problem, a technician will have the necessary components to troubleshoot and resolve the issue promptly.

2. Storage capacity is limited

Many businesses often preserve their recorded footage in the event they need to look through the archives to resolve any security incident. However, the DVR feature utilised by outdated CCTV systems is not built to handle copious amounts of data. Due to their lack of storage capacity, you inevitably spend more on extra DVRs to store low-quality analogue videos.

Conversely, modern CCTV systems offer plenty of storage options, from cloud storage to network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, ensuring ample space to store recorded footage for extended periods. They also feature compression capabilities, allowing you to save storage while recording higher-quality footage that can be digitally zoomed in to analyse the recorded video in greater detail.

3. Lower-quality footage

Lower-quality footage-CCTV surveillance

Outdated cameras often lack high-resolution capabilities and are notorious for producing terrible footage in low-lighting conditions. These blurry or pixelated images can make it challenging for the authorities to identify individuals or details in critical situations, thus hampering investigative efforts.

So do not wait around to find out that your cameras are inadequate in securing your property. Take a proactive approach by upgrading to a reliable CCTV surveillance system that offers sharper, more detailed footage, enabling better facial recognition, object identification, and overall situational awareness. Crisp, high-quality footage makes it easier to prevent and resolve security incidents, providing you and your employees with a safer and more secure workplace.

4. Compromise the safety and security of employees and the business

The purpose of having CCTV surveillance cameras is to ensure that you and your employees are safe. So why compromise everyone’s safety by continuing to use an out-of-date system? By investing in modern security cameras, you can deter potential threats and improve emergency response times, allowing you and your staff to rest easy knowing that everyone is working in a safe, secure environment.

Investing in modern CCTV camera systems allows you to stay ahead of ever-evolving security challenges, leveraging advanced technologies to mitigate risks effectively. So if you are considering an upgrade, do not hesitate to consult One Stop Office Solution. Our security experts can work with you to discuss your concerns and figure out the best CCTV solution for your needs.

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