Why Does My Security Camera Flicker At Night?

Why does my security camera flicker at night?

Does your CCTV camera constantly flicker at night? When this happens, it is easy to assume your surveillance equipment is faulty. However, that may not always be the case. Let us explore the primary causes of your security camera flickering. With this knowledge, you can identify whether your CCTV system needs replacing or if there are other factors responsible for this issue.

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Reason #1: Problems with the power supply

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Like other electrical equipment, the problem with your surveillance system may originate from the power source. Your CCTV camera may turn on and off intermittently if it is not receiving the correct voltage or its battery is running low, which can look like the device is flickering. So, you should first check your power source if you experience flickering videos and images on your camera feed.

Reason #2: Changing light conditions

Most CCTV cameras now utilise infrared technology to produce high-quality images in low-light conditions. The presence of bright light sources, like flashlights or headlights, can cause the camera to constantly adjust between infrared and normal light, thus disrupting the video feed and preventing the surveillance equipment from producing a clear picture. 

Beyond removing disruptive light sources near your security camera, you can review the footage to determine when your CCTV camera flickers the most. We recommend adjusting the camera angle if changing lighting conditions are the primary cause of these flickering issues.

Reason #3: Faulty connections or damaged cables

Image of a CCTV and it’s cable

Ensure you maintain your surveillance equipment regularly and look for signs of faulty connections or damaged cables. Exposed wires can loosen over time or become corroded or damaged when exposed to the elements, causing data transmission or power issues to arise, resulting in flickering and below-average image quality. This problem is prevalent with outdoor CCTV cameras. Therefore, we recommend installing a weatherproof box to safeguard them from external conditions.

Reason #4: Ageing or faulty equipment

If you have exhausted all options and the flickering problem remains, the most likely cause is faulty equipment. Even the best CCTV camera system has a limited lifespan. As it ages, it may experience issues more frequently. So, if your surveillance system has reached its peak, there is nothing else you can do besides replacing it.

Conversely, you might have purchased a defective product if you encounter flickering issues with a brand-new surveillance system. In this case, the warranty should still be valid, allowing you to replace the device with your service provider.

While flickering issues may appear to indicate that your surveillance equipment is malfunctioning, that is not always the case. Adopting a systematic approach to troubleshooting can help unveil the root cause and pave the way for an effective solution.

Meanwhile, it is essential for you to maintain your security system regularly to ensure everything is working perfectly, bolstering the effectiveness of your security camera and providing you with the peace of mind that comes with unwavering surveillance.

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