CCTV Camera in Singapore

What’s more important to you than security and safety? While placed on the second tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we at One Stop Office Solution believe that safety and the feeling of security are immensely important for your everyday lives. That’s why we provide you security products and systems such as CCTV surveillance and CCTV cameras in Singapore, and offer services to fortify homes and workplaces. Amidst these difficult and perilous times, we help put your mind at ease and create safe spaces for you and the people that matter to you through the CCTV solutions we offer.

Some people enjoy the ease it brings them to know what is going on at their homes, offices, and other places. Having the power to oversee your children through CCTV surveillance while away from home is quite convenient. Moreover, setting up CCTV cameras can also help ward off intruders. Others want a secondary measure in case emergencies happen. At One Stop Office Solution, we offer you the perfect option to do both. We built a reputation of integrity when it comes to installation of CCTV in Singapore.

We are a company that is trusted by many homes and businesses in the country for our CCTV solutions. As a CCTV system specialist, we provide reliable HD CCTV cameras & surveillance solutions for all kinds of spaces– from shops to commercial spaces, to other places where security is a basic need.

Still unconvinced? There are other things to look forward to from our shop if you choose to install CCTV in Singapore. One Stop Office Solutions CCTV surveillance technologies have advanced features like mobile and computer compatibility that make it a cut above the rest. Check out the rest of this page to see what other benefits you can enjoy with CCTV surveillance systems!

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OS Compatibility

One Stop Office Solution viewing on Windows & Mac OS
Our DVR system supports HD CCTV viewing over the Internet on Windows PC, *Apple Mac machine (Snow Leopard OS version 10.6 or above), iPhone, iPad, Android Phone.

*Mac desktop machine supported on selected model only

Mobile Compatibility
One Stop Office Solution DVR supports viewing on ipad, iphone, android, blackberry devices

Reliable HD CCTV Surveillance Technologies that WORK!

cctv surveillance on your iphone

CCTV on your iPhone

Access surveillance footage from the comfort of your own home by using an app to check it on your iPhone! Upon CCTV installation in your home or workplace, you can connect the system to your iPhone to see the feed. Simply follow the instructions and download it from the app store on iOS.

cctv surveillance on your ipad

CCTV on your iPad

Using an app, you can now check and monitor what your CCTV cameras capture on your iPad! Simply download it from the app store on iOS and follow the instructions for mobile CCTV installation.

cctv surveillance on your android phone

CCTV on your Android phone

You can now check surveillance footage by using an Android app on Google Play. Most systems will have ways for you to download and use an app to monitor remotely. Simply download and install the app on your smartphone after the CCTV installation.

cctv camera for Apple Mac

CCTV for Apple Mac

Install a program that will allow you to view and take note of surveillance footage on Apple Macs, for easy and remote viewing. Right after the CCTV installation, you can connect the system to your Mac to view the footage real time!

cctv surveillance for your company

CCTV for Windows PC

Power your security measures even more right after the CCTV installation. Install a program that will allow you to view and take note of surveillance footage on Windows PC, for easy and remote viewing.

Viewing from iPhone, iPad, Android phone , Windows PC and Apple Mac- See a variety of options for whichever way is convenient for you to view video feeds and footage!

Benefits of CCTV Surveillance

Why does it pay to book a CCTV installation in Singapore? Besides live HD CCTV surveillance monitoring, the video from our CCTV cameras in Singapore can also be recorded digitally for easy storage and viewing purposes. The CCTV monitoring can be done simultaneously for multiple sites on a single computer screen. When you book our CCTV installation service, you can enjoy these benefits plus the strategic placement of cameras to maximise their surveillance function.

Users can log in to the DVR via the Internet to see / hear exactly what the CCTV cameras see / hear from any part of the world. Users can also be alerted if there is any unusual movement in the vicinity monitored by the HD CCTV surveillance cameras. Give us a call today so we can assist you with further enquiries about CCTV installation!

To Safeguard Your Home

To Monitor the Elderly/ Children

Other Services

One Stop Office Solutions offers you a wide array of security solutions to help secure your property and protect your employees, loved ones and assets. Apart from CCTV camera and CCTV surveillance systems we offer, here are our other services you may consider:

Access Control System

Access Control System

Our access control system works alongside CCTV surveillance in limiting the access to the parts of your premises where entry is forbidden or access must be limited.

Security Alarm System

Security Alarm System

When CCTV cameras are not enough to secure your premises, we also have security alarm systems that will go off when someone tresspasses on a restricted area.

IP PBX / Analog PABX

IP PBX / Analog PABX

You may want to know who is standing on the other side of the door before opening it. If it’s a hassle to check your CCTV surveillance, we have PBX to help you with the task. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as videos don’t infringe on other people’s privacy and are for monitoring or security purposes only, placing a camera in view of your neighbour’s house should be fine.

One Stop Office Solution features some of the best brands of IP cameras in Singapore. Ask us which cameras can be right for your home!

Under normal circumstances, no. But in cases of security or harassment issues, you may make a case to have one camera installed.

No. You do not need to warn for CCTV cameras on your premises.

There are some CCTV systems that are easy to install for ordinary people. However, it may be necessary for you to enlist the help of a professional to install.

Depends on the type of CCTV system. There are some that are easy to install for the average person. Check the installation instructions for more details.

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