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Add an extra layer of safety by installing alarms at your doors. Need to know the right place to start safeguarding your homes and other areas? It starts at the entrance. Your doorway is where you and other individuals access the interior of your spaces. Working to secure it is an obvious necessity. Here at One Stop Office Solution, we bring you door access products and other security products and services to secure your entrances from possible intruders.

One Stop Office Solution is a specialist in CCTV systems in Singapore that clients trust to bring you the very best in security and surveillance. We provide security products and solutions to clients all across Singapore. Need more ways to fortify your homes? That’s not a problem with us. Find a variety of solutions and services for all your needs in security and surveillance. We’re ready to help if you need an expert.

We provide the very best in surveillance and security products in our offerings. Check out this page to learn more information about our door access products and more!

Door Access Products (Proximity card or Biometric)

We provide leading edge proximity card, biometric fingerprint or face recognition access control products in our solutions to our clients.

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