Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, yes, but only for reasons such as monitoring the front area of your house of preventing package thieves, but these videos cannot be used to violate your neighbor's privacy.
Although HBD does not generally allow CCTVs to be installed, they can be used in certain cases, such as when security and harassment is involved. However, there are certain guidelines you need to follow.
There is absolutely no requirement for CCTV warning signs or stickers to be placed on premises. No one needs to be informed for its every use.
Check to see if your area is allowed to install CCTVs first. It's also better to get an expert to install CCTVs for you, as they are quite tricky.
Yes-- the security and peace of mind is a huge return of investment for you.
Depends on each individual scenario. Wired gives you better feedback and images, but wireless CCTV is more accessible and convenient.
The one who owns the premises, or the manager of the area should be allowed access to CCTV, as well as any security personnel.
Installing a CCTV can be tricky. It depends on each individual circumstance. If you call us, we'll make sure to inform you of the price first. It's best to do further research!
We offer a variety of cameras for both home and office security. There is an affordable range that you can consider, as well as more high-end ones for the more conscious homeowner. Research and choose wisely.