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Apart from providing quality CCTV cameras in Singapore, we are also a leading provider when it comes to communication solutions. A PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange), sometimes known as a PBX, is a system that allows a corporation to construct its own internal phone network. As a result, internal calling and call rerouting may be simplified. A switch system that works in the same way as a modified traditional switchboard processes PBX audio, video, instant messaging, and other corporate communications.

Small businesses benefit greatly from PBX systems. For their internal phone lines, they provide low-cost options with configurable capabilities. Customer service is reasonably priced, and PBX systems often provide a high level of flexibility as well as superior security and maintenance. In off-site offices, remote wireless communications enable extra networks. A building site trailer-office, for example, can be connected to the main office swiftly and economically.

PABX Products for SME / SMB

Work with 4 analog CO, ISDN10 or ISDN30 incoming trunk lines.
Extensions : supports digital, IP deskphones, smartphone, SIP client

Work with either key phones or analog phones.
Optional : door bell / audio intercom / door release functions using your key phone

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