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A security camera, commonly known as CCTV in Singapore provides peace of mind by giving the idea that an extra pair of eyes is always there. CCTV surveillance has been more popular in recent years, and it is no longer just a company security element, but also a sought-after necessity among local houses of all sizes and types. Installing a trustworthy CCTV Camera is a practical step because a security kit provides you with a preemptive advantage when it comes to safety. Such equipment is essential whether you own a business or simply want to keep your family secure. Good thing that you can now DIY this security system for a more budget friendly security.

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Surveillance DIY Products

Spy Camera Singapore

(up to 32GB SD max, (5fps, 20% activity rate, ~ 43 days worth of monitoring)

Spy Camera - Air Purifier

(up to 32GB SD max, (5fps, 20% activity rate, ~ 43 days worth of monitoring)

Wireless IP Camera Singapore

(up to 64GB MicrosSD max, 200,000 images, playback as video)
( 5 to 10 days worth of monitoring)

High Definition Spy Camera - Power Bank Charges

( up to 64GBytes MicroSD max )
(5 ~ 10 days worth of monitoring)

Wireless IP Camera Ezviz C6CN

High Definition 1080P Wireless IP Camera

Hikvision - Wireless IP Camera

High Definition 1080P Wireless IP Camera

Model : DS-2CV2Q21FD-IW

Tuya Video Door Phone

All-in-one system with recording high-resolution color camera and perform as a video door phone. Ideal for monitoring & video recording of people outside your door.

(2GB of SD card can store up to 140 hours of audio recording, or 2,240 hours with 32GB SD card)

Pocket Size Spy Camera

A Mega-pixel spy cam audio/video recorder hidden inside a pocket that records high resolution video 1080P, with date time stamp and crystal clear audio.

Spy Calculator

Ideal for recording voice conversion in a room or enclosed environment. It can operate continuously for 12 hours on a single AA battery.


Ideal for recording face to face conversation between wearer and the other party.  Download recorded conversation to PC via USB.

Safeguarding areas should be a top priority for anyone who wants to secure their homes or place of business. And here at One Stop Office Solution, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a CCTV and surveillance company in Singapore, specializing in bringing you the best in security and video surveillance: from all kinds of alarm/security systems and CCTV cameras, to services like installation. We are your trusted expert in all things security. We offer you a variety of solutions and services for all your needs in security and surveillance. Need an expert? We’re the one to call.

One Stop Office Solution is the reliable CCTV specialist in Singapore that clients trust to provide reliable HD CCTV surveillance solutions for 24-hrs surveillance on their retail outlets, factories, offices and homes, through the Internet if necessary.

We provide best-of-breed CCTV and surveillance & security products in our solution offerings to our clients. Check this page to find out more!

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