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Security is a topmost priority when you’re protecting people and valuables. Especially in businesses and offices, it’s necessary to keep an eye on your premises as often as possible. We cannot afford to lose any important and sensitive items in these places. Luckily, there’s a better to way to install protective measures in these places. You can consider using a cctv surveillance solution which allows you to monitor the ins and outs of your establishments.

One of the most high-tech and important security solutions that you can always rely on is video surveillance. It’s the most basic form of modern security system but it is one of the most effective.. One Stop Office Solution can help you install a video surveillance system in your offices.

We believe that nothing is more important than security. Here at One Stop Solution, we specialize in bringing you the best in security and CCTV surveillance in Singapore. — from all kinds of surveillance and CCTV cameras, to services like installation. As a trusted expert in all things security, you will feel safer and more secure with our various systems and solutions

One Stop Office Solution is a reliable CCTV system specialist in Singapore that is trusted by many clients to provide reliable HD CCTV surveillance solutions for 24-hrs surveillance on their retail outlets, factories, offices and homes, through the Internet if necessary.

We are committed to bringing you the security and safety that you or your business deserve.

We also offer a variety of services regarding our CCTV and surveillance products to make it easier for you to adapt to the system. Contact our experts for assistance in :

Installing the system.

We can assist installing the system in your workplace to help you gain the best vantage point for viewing purposes.

Recommending a system for you.

Need help in knowing which camera or security system is more appropriate for you? Our experts can give you some recommendations.


Our tech experts can help answer all your questions or concerns to help ease your time in using your security system.

Our Services Offered

CCTV surveillance benefit

See this page to learn more about what One Stop Solution’s CCTV surveillance system can offer you, from OS compatibility to reliable technology.

Access Control System

Read more about how access control systems function and what kind of security benefits they can give you! One Stop Solution’s systems comes with accessories that adds to its protection.

Security Alarm System

Security alarm systems are systems meant to warn you of impending dangers. Read more about One Stop Solution’s various alarm types on offer.

IP PBX / Analog PABX

These kinds of systems are a type of telephone/communication system ideal for calls, conferences, and other types of messaging. See its features on this page.

For any enquiry, please contact us so that we can work together to address your needs.

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