IP PBX / Analog PABX

For voice conversation – your telephone system is an integral part of your organization and is your main tool of communication. It is your primary link to your business partners, customers, suppliers, employees, colleagues, friends, and even family members.

Should I choose IP PBX or Analog PABX?


IP PBX will be ideal for your company if the answer to any of the questions below is YES :

  • My company has 10 employees or more
  • We have sales employees who are always on the move
  • We have employees who telecommute from home
  • We want to reduce overseas calling charges incurred by our employees while overseas
  • We want our employees to be contactable through a single number
  • We want to future proof our investment to cater for company’s future expansion
  • We want to minimize PABX maintenance cost
  • We want a unified communication platform to improve our employees’ productivity
  • We are eligible for PIC claim

Tell me how to save my company’s communication costs with One Stop Office Solution IP PBX.

Analog PABX

Analog PABX will be suitable if :

  • My company has less than 5 employees
  • We do not have any branch office
  • We do not need more than 3 CO incoming lines
  • We just want to spend the minimum for a basic PABX
  • We are not so worried about future proofing our investment
  • We are not eligible for PIC claim
pana pbx

Panasonic TES824SN PABX Keyphone

The Panasonic KX-TES824 Advanced Hybrid PBX System can support all your personal and business communication needs in a cost effective manner.

The system supports 3 outside (CO) lines and 8 extensions – all built-in so that you can use the system straight out of the box.

With the optional expansion cards, you can easily expand the capacity up to 8 outside (CO) lines and 24 extensions* as your needs grow. The system provides features that can satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated and cost conscious users. You can even connect a variety of communication devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verifiers, fax machines, and any other device that works with conventional telephone lines.

Optional PABX Door Interface Card

Optional PABX Door Interface Card

Intercom doorbell

Door Bell Voice Intercom


PABX Keyphone

Use your keyphone as audio intercom and door release button

Optionally, the KX-TES824SN allows you to expand the system by adding additional door interface card to enable interconnection to One Stop Office Solution Door Access system and Voice Intercom system.

This will enable the visitor to press the door bell and speak to the receptionist through the phone extension on the receptionist’s table.   The receptionist can press some keys on her phone to release the door magnets so that the visitor can enter the office without having the receptionist to walk to the main door to press the door exit button.

Packed with so many features – the Panasonic KX-TES824 is ideal for a small business or home office requiring a flexible system with a high degree of sophistication.

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  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) with message
  • Call Forwarding
  • (Busy / No Answer / Follow-Me / to Outside)
  • Day / Night / Lunch Mode
  • Doorphones, Door Openers & Doorbells (Optional)
  • 5-party Conference
  • Emergency Call
  • Room Monitorr
  • Extension Group
  • Call Restriction
  • Electronic Station Lock
  • Limited Call Duration
  • Intuitive Customisation & Maintenance
  • Works with Proprietary Panasonic Keyphone &/or Analog Phone

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