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You deserve to feel safe and secure in your own home. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for safeguards! Welcome to One Stop Office Solution, a CCTV and surveillance company in Singapore. We specialize in bringing you the best in security and video surveillance: from all kinds of alarm/security systems and CCTV cameras, to services like installation. We are your trusted expert in all things security. Feel much safer and more secure with our various systems and solutions on offer, and contact us for expert recommendations on what you may need.

One Stop Office Solution is the reliable Singapore CCTV system specialist that clients trust to provide reliable HD CCTV surveillance solutions for 24-hrs surveillance on their retail outlets, factories, offices and homes, through the Internet if necessary.

We provide and install Smart Security Alarm Systems for offices, schools, retail outlets, factories or homes. Both wired & wireless security alarm systems are available from us. Check this page to find out more!

Alarm Accessories

motion sensor

Motion Sensor


Smoke Detector

alarm keypad

Alarm Keypad

outdoor magnet

Outdoor Magnetic Contact



outdoor beam

Outdoor Beam

PIR spotlight

Alarm Keypad

Magnetic Contact

Magnetic Contact

Siren and strobe

Siren and Strobe

beam detector

Beam Detector


Glass Break Detector

spotlight with timer

Spotlight with Timer


There is nothing more important than protecting your assets and loved ones.   Our smart security alarm systems are designed to keep your properties and family safe & sound the whole year round.

With our system, your properties are secured once you armed it.  Any intrusion attempt or tampering of equipment will trigger an alarm, and the would-be intruder will be deterred by the loud siren and strobe light. The system will call the pre-programmed telephone or handphone numbers to send an alarm notification, thus keeping you informed 24×7 on the status of your property.

Our security control panel can work with various brands of magnetic contacts, motion detectors, fire sensors, glass-break detectors and other intrusion detection devices.  The system is highly configurable, and it can cater from single zone up to 32 zone monitoring.

Please contact us today with your security alarm requirement, and we will recommend and install a wired or wireless security alarm system that will meet your needs.

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